Salesforce, Planning and Implementation Back

A successful implementation is rooted in a thorough planning stage. The value of a CRM system goes beyond the sales department; we create custom solutions using the platform for them.

We will utilize Salesforce's foundation for building the solutions that make use of your data the way you need it. Our team's multiple years of experience with Apex programming mean we can customize the Salesforce platform to get the value you need out of it.

Each implementation is unique, your business is like no other. We invest sixty percent of our implementation effort working with you to:

  • Understand your business's uniqueness in the industry
  • Where you expect to realize the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) for your data in the future
  • Demonstrate how new technology and data structures will support the business processes that keep you competitive
  • Ensure your new solution talks with your legacy technology utilizing Salesforce's Sales Cloud

Salesforce Development and Customization

An investment in modernizing your data structure now will bring greater future value - we can be your partner and help you realize greater ROI. Our proven understanding of Salesforce's capabilities means focusing on our clients and reducing the length of their projects.

We know what parts of your solution need to be customized, and when we can utilize Salesforce's lightning components. Utilizing these means we do not spend time reinventing the wheel, allowing us to focus on the unique customizations in your solution.


Technology should shape around your business needs, and so should its introduction into your environment. We make sure the operations you have in place are ready to make the transition before any go-live milestone. Integration success requires a focus on reliability, data integrity, and efficient performance of a new solution.

A Salesforce solution will become a key contributor to your operation because we can help you retire inefficient systems, and communicate with those which will continue to operate. We will build your roadmap to retire technology that does not provide value.

ABC, Inc. believes in integrating the right solution for the right reasons. We replace current applications when you can benefit from the reliability and performance of modern technology, like Salesforce. Our experts make sure your new solution talks to existing applications where business needs or other restrictions dictate leaving these legacy systems in place.

Data Migration

Your transition to Salesforce will include data you would like brought in. We validate your data before using Salesforce's Data Import Wizard or Data Loader. We make sure the integrity of the data brought into your new solution does not impact its value.

When we validate data beforehand we:

  • Improve import times by not importing duplicate data
  • Merge datasets to get a complete information
  • Ensures future data integrity
  • Allow you to reclaim space occupied by any duplicate data sets

Administration and Support

Salesforce is our passion; let our passion serve your ongoing support and administration needs. Our support starts with your implementation, provide you the right documentation for ongoing operations.

Our team knows Salesforce, we know what notifications need to be addressed immediately, and also identify opportunities beyond the initial implementation. As your administration team, we will be right there to make those quick modifications that users may find familiar.